Requesting and Giving Assistance During COVID-19 Pandemic

Welcome to New Hope!

New Hope is a tri-campus church located in Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, and Uptown Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. Our vision is to be a congregation that moves with a Gospel-Centered, Missional Spirituality. We unite together through God’s love, where authentic and life giving relationships are experienced, and where the children of God live and serve as His hands and feet in this world.

As we experience true transformation in God, we desire to with community be God’s transforming agents for the people groups of the world. We strive to become an authentic place where we embrace one another by sharing God’s love and growing together in true fellowship. It is also an exciting place where we encourage one another to pursue God given visions and callings. We invite you to join in this life changing journey!

As we become increasingly multi-ethnic and multi-generational, we pray that we may continually serve our city and the world alongside the many other churches in God’s Kingdom.