2018 Vision: Gospel-Centered, Missional Spirituality

New Hope Fellowship (NHF) is a church that moves by a GOSPEL-CENTERED, MISSIONAL SPIRITUALITY.

Out of our experience of the power of the gospel, we move outward by the power of the Spirit with the missional spirituality to glorify God in all aspects of our life and ministry.

1. We move together as a church united by the gospel to love and empower people of all life phases and cultural backgrounds while we continually raise up a multi-generational and multi-ethnic church

2. We grow as a church nurtured by the life-giving power of the gospel in the context of gospel-centered relations, primarily through families and Life Groups.

3. We move outward, equipped to embody the gospel of Christ to everyone, especially those who have not yet heard the gospel.

4. We express the gospel in all areas of life by living a borderless Christianity.

5. We collaborate with other churches and organizations and invest for the expansion of God’s kingdom in the world.