90 Days of Prayer in 2018

New Hope Downtown has committed to 90 Days of Prayer – going forth in faithful expectation of how God will move in and transform our hearts and community.

90 days of prayer 90 Days of Prayer 2018 Booklet [PDF 1.19 MB]








10 Minutes a Day for 90 Days: 

1. REFLECT on the Word of God (5 min)

  • Open your bible and read the theme passage of the day, in context, and ask the Holy Spirit to open up your heart and mind to His Word.
  • Meditate and chew on the passage by saying it slowly 3 times, while asking God for insight, and take note of anything that comes to mind. The objective here is to get to know the character and truth of WHO God is.
    • Like Job, when we are reminded of God’s character, everything else falls into place and we entrust our life, suffering and hope to Him because we TRUST HIM (Job 42)
    • Instead of seeing God through our circumstances/problems, we are seeking to understand our life/significance through God’s design, sovereignty and faithfulness.
  • Don’t try to rush it, but still your mind and heart by discarding all other thoughts/agendas that might interfere and keep centering your mind on the passage and its meaning until you sense a theme, image, word or thought that the Holy Spirit brings to you.
  • If you don’t get one, it’s okay. Just use what you believe to be the main point of the passage as your “theme”.
  • The point of this exercise is to help you create space every day to hear God’s voice to you through His written Word and respond to Him. You can practice this over these 90 days.

 2. RESPOND to what the Holy Spirit has impressed on your Heart/Mind (3 min)

  • Based on how God is speaking to you through His Word, pray according to that theme whether it leads you to
    • repentance (of certain habits, behavior, way of thinking, use of words, lifestyle choices, etc..),
    • renewal – asking Holy Spirit to refresh your relational trust in Him
    • realignment – committing yourself to align your everyday values practices to His Kingdom values and practices.
  • This prayer should feel like a conversation where you have allowed God to speak to you through His written Word and you responding to what He has said through your prayer.

3. REQUEST from our Heavenly Father other petitions (2 min)

  • With your mindset reoriented towards God’s character and values through your meditation and response to God’s Word, take the time to pray over other prayer requests that you wrote in the chart or others that have come up.
  • Close with the Lord’s Prayer.