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Loving Malton, Making Connections, Moving Together!

We are a ministry that started in Summer 2010 through a week-long Summer Day Camp for the local kids within Malton community called “The Amazing Races”, a theme based on celebrating the diversity of Malton, while “traveling” through various activities “around the world”. We had about 40 kids from the community come out, most, if not all of whose families we’ve formed trusting and genuine relationships. We now exist to be a relationship-based ministry that acts as a bridge between Malton and the Church. We hold quarterly events, go to house visitations and are in the midst of trying to learn about various religions so that we can be relevant, sensitive and impactful in the ministry we carry out. More than anything, we care to BE people who love our community (both Church and Malton) and show Christ’s love to it.

If you are interested in knowing more about us, or wanna jump right in and get involved, please contact us! We’re always looking for more people and would love to have you come on board!

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