The history of Light Presbyterian Church and New Hope Fellowship, from its origin in 1984, to the present

The seeds of New Hope Fellowship were planted long before this English ministry even came to be.  Established in 1984 as a largely Korean immigrant church, our parent, Light Presbyterian Church (formerly known as Light Korean Presbyterian Church) was the calling and vision of its first pastor, Rev. Chai-Hoon Park.

LPC partnered with and was eventually led by Rev. Hyeon-Soo Lim.


The purchase of a large warehouse building in Etobicoke allowed the people and ministry to continue its growth and over the next 10 years, by God’s grace the church grew to approximately 2,500 faithful members.

It was in 2001 that the vision was birthed for a new church building to be built in Mississauga that would not only accommodate the growth of God’s church, but also allow His ministry to flourish even further through a focus on missions locally and abroad.


To help nurture, disciple and shepherd the second generation English-speaking congregation, in the summer of 2004, Pastor Jason and Helen accepted the call with their daughters Hayle and Karys to return to Toronto after 7 years of study and pastoral ministry in California to lead this English Ministry, called New Hope Fellowship.


Within only two short years thereafter, it became evident that God was stirring in the hearts of our leadership and members for the need to plant a church campus in the heart of downtown Toronto and start a second English service held in the afternoon to reach the students of surrounding universities, colleges, and the people who resided in nearby areas.  The start of this new campus and service was achieved in January 2006.

May 31, 2009

After years of visioning, planning and construction, the Light Presbyterian and New Hope Fellowship Church officially moved from the warehouse building in Etobicoke to the new building in Mississauga where it has continued to grow and thrive.

Pastor Jason Noh is passed by session to be the Senior Pastor in shepherding the entire Light Presbyterian Church congregation (both Korean-Ministry and English-Ministry).

Growing Faces

With these changes in places, and the expansion of campuses and ministries, has also come a growing number of new faces, as God has led many to worship and serve in community at New Hope Fellowship.

Pastoral Team

Our pastoral team multiplied, ranging in responsibilities across both Campuses, led by Pastor Jason including:

All NHF Campuses

  • Rev. Jason Noh | Senior Pastor

Mississauga Campus

  • Rev. Charles Chang Soo Lee | Lead Pastor
  • Charles Baik | Assistant Pastor
  • Jason Yuh | Teaching Pastor
  • Elaine Park | Administrative Assistant

Downtown Campus

  • Rev. Edward Lee | Lead Pastor
  • Susan Suh | Women and Children’s Pastor
  • Bosco Tung | Connections Pastor
  • Rachel Chong | Assistant Pastor of College and Ministry Support

Uptown Campus

  • Siyoon Yu | Assistant Pastor of Pastoral Care & Church Operations

New Hope Fellowship has also committed to partnering together with Knox College, Wycliffe College and Tyndale Seminary to provide ministry experience and spiritual growth opportunities through Pastoral internship at either Mississauga, Downtown, or Uptown Church campuses in partial fulfillment of the MTS or MDiv programs.  Recently, we have been joined by:

  • Jinil Ohh, Pastoral Intern for Worship Ministry, studying at Tyndale.
  • Adonis Stella, Pastoral Intern for Children’s and Youth Ministries, studying at Tyndale.

Leadership Team

In addition to the Pastoral team, New Hope Fellowship is governed by voted members of our Leadership team who exemplify godliness, integrity and passion for God and His church. They are:

  • Elder John Im
  • Elder John Shin
  • Elder Yong Kim
  • Mississauga Campus: Sam Chang, Sang Choi, Randy Jim, James Lee, and Sally Lee
  • Downtown Campus:  Richard Ha and Lorraine Kwan
  • Uptown Campus: Sooah Min and Marcelo Hong


Beyond our staff and leadership, the congregations of all three services have also experienced much growth and change.  Mississauga Campus is seeing the increase in more families with young children, as well as returning university graduates who are now starting in their careers, creating a uniquely diverse congregation when adding to the existing core members who grew up in this Church.  Meanwhile, in the years since Downtown Campus was established, we have seen people from all backgrounds attending our services, drawing career-aged people, young families as well as a large body of students from nearby universities and colleges who have chosen to make New Hope Fellowship their place of worship, fellowship, and spiritual feeding; many while studying away from home. At the Uptown Campus, many young families and early career adults have come together. Passionate believers who are hungry to share and spread the gospel, in the nearby community, have joined together.

The expansion of all places and faces of New Hope Fellowship has naturally evolved the kinds of ministries created and led with the purposes of continued spiritual growth and discipleship of all our members.  We are forever grateful for the pillars of faith whom in obedience started and sustained Light Presbyterian Church, and the entire first generation who made it possible for New Hope Fellowship and our generation to join in what God is doing in the world through this Church!