July 22 2018: How should we meditate on Job in our daily devotions?

[1] Then Job answered and said:
     [2] “How you have helped him who has no power!
         How you have saved the arm that has no strength!
     [3] How you have counseled him who has no wisdom,
         and plentifully declared sound knowledge!
     [4] With whose help have you uttered words,
         and whose breath has come out from you? (Job 26:1–4 ESV)

Job screams with sarcasm to his friends in this passage above. When these chapters are filled with such sarcasm, rude remarks and terrible comforting from Job’s friends, how are we supposed to meditate on the truth of the gospel, and gain life from it in our daily devotions? 

While we meditate on Job for the remaining few weeks, we have to consistently remember that Job’s and his friends’ thoughts and reflections about God’s characters are – although true in some sense in speaking of the greatness and sovereignty of God and worthlessness of humanity in light of God’s holiness – it is incomplete, as we can see in their futile effort to “comfort” Job. Surely our God is a great comforter, as promised by Jesus about the Holy Spirit as a Comforter (John 14:26; Helper, Comforter, Advocate). 

When we meditate on Job, we must remember these chapters are leading us in the process of showing Job becoming emptied and his friends exhausting all their resources in picturing who God is in their reality. 

Therefore, this process of suffering in our current reality we can see as a blessing. This is a how God comforts humanity when they are strung upon relying on worldly providence, wisdom, and false peace. God weens us out through suffering from relying on this world; little by little we become less attached to this finite and limited world and find more comfort in the truth of the Gospel. 

“True comfort comes to us when we are at the end of the road, with no gas in the engine and no human possibility of gas for thousands of miles around. Grace doesn’t add to what’s already there. Grace comes to our aid when there is nothing there. This is the comforting grace that Jesus Christ embodied in his life and ministry. He is the Comforter for all who have broken down and have nothing left to run on.”*

Let us pray for faith that we all come to understand this life that we live as a process of emptying is a blessing from heaven above, and a privilege to see more of the fullness of the comfort that is in Jesus alone.

*Excerpt from ESV Gospel Transformation Bible 

Bible Reading Column by Pastor Charles Baik. 
Mississauga Campus Assistant Pastor 

This Week’s Bible Reading Schedule:

 Monday: Job 22 Thursday: Job 25
 Tuesday: Job 23 Friday: Job 26
 Wednesday: Job 24 Saturday: Job 27