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Dec 8, 2019: Romans 7-8*

Romans 7-8 are the crux of the letter where Paul deals with the realty of our brokenness & inner struggle, the glorious grace of God in Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Here are some notes from the Gospel Transformation Bible to help us appreciate what Christ has done for us and how […]

Dec 1, 2019: The Gospel in Romans*

In the sweep of the New Testament, Romans is the first epistle encountered. This is fitting, as it builds on the Old Testament, explains the saving work of Jesus reported in the Gospels, and unpacks many of the teachings that were foundational to the churches that arose in Acts. In these respects, Romans flows naturally […]

Nov 17, 2019: Daniel Overview*

Author and Date Daniel wrote this book in sixth century BC. It records the events of Daniel’s life and the visions he saw from the time of his exile in 605 BC (1:1) until 536 BC, the third year of King Cyrus (10:1). The Gospel in Daniel The “gospel according to Daniel” comes in glowing […]

Spiritual Gifts Survey

This past Sunday, November 10th, New Hope participated in a spiritual gifts survey to help discern the gifting of members within the New Hope community. If you missed out on the survey, you can print your own copy by following the link: spiritual gifts survey pdf. The document also includes the following, a full list […]