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June 3 2018: Focus on God First

A Reflection on Psalm 49 Psalm 49 can be called a wisdom psalm, offering instruction to man rather than worship to God (vv. 1-4). Its theme of the futility of worldliness is summed up in the refrain (vv. 12 and 20): “Man in his pomp will not remain; he is like the beast that perish.”It also […]

May 20 2018: Life and Death

Proverbs provides for us the two great spheres that together comprehend all of our individual lives: the great sphere of life and the great sphere of death. To use the language of Proverbs, each one of us is either on the way of life or on the way of death. We may try to avoid death, […]


SPECIAL EASTER SUNDAY COLUMN: BAPTISM Easter Sunday marks the highlight of church’s life together. Not only do we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but we also celebrate the new life that Christ has brought about by calling his people out of death into life. Jesus Christ after his death and resurrection and before his ascension gave this command to […]