Jul 7, 2019: The Gospel in Isaiah*

Reading the book of Isaiah takes us into the precarious space between warning and wonder, faithlessness and fidelity, compromise and conviction: this is the world where a fallen people hear the holy God. Divine words come full of truth and grace; they expose sin while offering, beneath all failure, hope and redemption. In Isaiah, God’s […]

JUN 30, 2019: Servant Songs in Isaiah 50~53*

In the book of Isaiah, a preserved “remnant” becomes the focal point of God’s promises in Isaiah, and eventually the remnant is identified through and in its one messianic representative, the Anointed One. And this Anointed One will suffer on behalf of others: in the New Testament we discover that Jesus the Messiah is the one […]

JUN 23, 2019: Servant Songs in Isaiah (42:1-9 & 49:1-13)*

Isaiah 42:1-9 is commonly referred to as the first “Servant Song” in Isaiah (42:1–9), and other such “songs” follow in 49:1–13; 50:4–11; and 52:13–53:12. In these texts, one who represents and sacrificially serves others emerges. Here, the suffering servant is most directly associated with Israel (cf. 41:8–10), but in a representative way (the entire nation represented […]


This year we have been encouraging our members to practice family worship as one of the ways to “return to the Lord.” In this interview we hear from Pastor Paul Carter (who will be our guest preacher for the upcoming retreat) how he practices family worship at his home and what advice he would give […]


One of the reasons many Christians read through the whole Bible, day after day, year after year is to cleanse ourselves of idolatrous understandings of God. John Calvin said that our hearts are idol factories; we are always inventing new gods in the image of our own values, wishes and fancies. Reading the Bible is […]