Sep 15, 2019: Ezekial Overview*

AUTHOR AND DATE The book of Ezekiel records the preaching and message (collection of 52 oracles) of the sixth-century Hebrew prophet. Ezekiel’s name literally means “God strengthens,” appropriate for a man whose call was to prophesy to a people who had been carried into exile by a foreign power. Ezekiel prophesied in the years following […]

2019-2020 Life Groups (LG)

A new season of life groups is starting in October! This season, we will be focusing on the book of 1 Corinthians in conjunction with our current sermon series: We Are Church. Sign up for life groups by clicking the button below or copy and paste the following link: If you have any questions, […]

Fall 2019 Discipleship Classes

A disciple by definition is a learner. A disciple of Jesus is a learner of Jesus and his Word. In order to live and grow as a disciple of Jesus we need to continue to know Jesus through his Word in an intentional and relational context where we are challenged by God’s Word and encouraged […]

Sep 8, 2019: WE ARE CHURCH

As we start a new sermon series on 1 Corinthians, “We Are Church,” we anticipate how God will use his Word to shape us and mold us to be God’s church that reflects his glory through our life and ministry together. 1 Corinthians has much to teach us about what it means to be God’s […]