Nov 11 2018: The Benefits of God’s Word (from Psalm 119)*

Psalm 119 celebrates God’s Word in multi-faceted ways. Psalm 119 sings and prays about at least four benefits of meditating, delighting and keeping God’s Word: liberation, light, life and stability. Liberation: The paradox that where God is master, ‘service is perfect freedom,’ is found not only in verse 96, but equally in verse 45, where ‘liberty’ is […]

Nov 4 2018: Psalm 119*

Psalm 119 is the longest psalm (and the longest chapter in the Bible, longer than many of the books) and the most carefully structured. By singing and praying its contents, one expresses heartfelt admiration to God, who has so lovingly bestowed this great gift upon his people, and fervent yearning for one’s personal life to […]

Oct 28 2018: Psalms 115 & 116*

In Psalm 115 God’s people are called to celebrate the truth that their God, the God of Israel, is the one and only true and living God. Although the peoples of the nations may ask cynically of Israel, “Where is their God?” (v. 2), the truth is this: their God, the only true God, “is in […]

Oct 21 2018: Psalms Overview*

We are in our final stretch of the Bible reading for this year. For those of you who have been faithfully following the Bible Reading Plan, you should have read through all of the Old Testament’s wisdom literature (Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon) and two-thirds of the Psalms. This week we began Book V […]

2018-2019 Life Groups

A new season of life groups has begun! During the month of September we conducted surveys inviting everyone to please sign-up for this season of Life Groups. This year, we will be focusing on the book of James in conjunction with September-November’s sermon series: Faith Unleashed. If you have not yet signed up for life […]