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Sept 16 2018: Ecclesiastes on How to Live*

Ecclesiastes is one of the Old Testament’s five wisdom books. It has been said that the Psalms teach us how to worship; Proverbs, how to behave; Job, how to suffer; Song of Solomon, how to love; and Ecclesiastes, how to live. How? With realism and reverence, with humility and restraint, coolly and contentedly, in wisdom […]

Sept 09 2018: Finding Meaning of Life*

Ecclesiastes is a carefully crafted whole, but as befits the Teacher’s search for meaning, the book tracks back and forth as he explores area after area of life. His autonomous way of knowing, starting not with the fear of the Lord but depending on his experience, observation and reason, leads him repeatedly to the conclusion that […]

Fall Discipleship Classes

At New Hope we are blessed to have various means to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. The primary vehicle through which we aim to foster intentional spiritual growth is Life Groups, which runs from October to May. Alongside Life Group ministry, we have various classes and gatherings that are shorter in duration (6 to […]

Sept 02 2018: Introduction to Ecclesiastes*

AUTHOR:  The author of Ecclesiastes calls himself “the Preacher” (1:1). Some interpreters have concluded that this was Solomon, while others think he was a writer later than Solomon. Either way, the book claims that its wisdom comes from the “one Shepherd” (12:11), the Lord himself. LITERARY FEATURES & THEME:  Although Ecclesiastes is wisdom literature, it […]