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FEB 17, 2019: NAHUM*

AUTHOR AND DATE Nahum is a series of judgment oracles and taunts against the Assyrian Empire and its capital city of Nineveh, given by God in a vision to the prophet Nahum, whose name means “comfort.” The prophecies were made sometime between 660–630 B.C. from Elkosh, an unidentified locale in the southern kingdom of Judah. […]

FEB 10, 2019: MICAH*

DATE Micah prophesied between 735-710 B.C. during the reigns of the Judean kings Jotham (750–735 B.C.), Ahaz (735–715), and Hezekiah (715–687). The time span roughly parallels those of other eighth-century prophets like Hosea and Isaiah.  THE GOSPEL IN MICAH God deals with sinners in one of two ways: deserved justice, or undeserved grace. In Micah’s day, […]

FEB 3, 2019: JONAH*

Careful readers of the book of Jonah find it to be an ingenious and artfully crafted work of literature. Its four chapters recount two incidents. In chapter 1 and 2 Jonah is given a command from God but fails to obey it; and in chapters 3 and 4 he is given the command again and […]

JAN 27, 2019: AMOS*

The Book of Amos, like the Book of Hosea, represents God’s message of warning to the northern kingdom of Israel during the latter part of the eighth century B.C. Under Jeroboam II’s reign, Israel had grown powerful and wealthy; but it had also become corrupt. The rich trampled the poor, social injustice was rife, and […]

JAN 20 2019: JOEL*

The Book of Joel predicts a great locus plague that will devastate the land of Judah, a plague that will be a harbinger of an even more dreadful “day of the Lord” that Judah will face, if it does not repent. Repentance is crucial for the reversal of Judah’s fortunes. Structurally we see negative messages […]


This year we are reading through the prophetic books of the Old Testament (OT). To help us to understand and appreciate the message given to us through the prophets, here are four key things we should know about the prophets. Prophets Had Mouth: They Spoke for God. Quite simply, prophets were messengers. They were God’s mouthpiece. […]