Bible Reading Column

July 1 2018: Introduction to Job

Is God truly just? Is God’s sovereignty trustworthy? Why is there so much suffering in the world that we live in? Furthermore, why does God allow “good” people suffer? These may be the types of questions that ring throughout reading the book of Job this month in our Bible reading plan. In the first chapter, […]

June 24 2018: Reflections on Psalm 68-69

Reflection on Psalm 68  God is uniquely praiseworthy because he protects weaklings and pursues nobodies (vv. 3–4). With language reminiscent of Moses’ war cry, David reminds the covenant people that God’s power over their enemies is like wind to smoke, and fire to wax (vv. 1–2). God rode “through the deserts” (v. 4) on the […]

June 10 2018: Setting Aside Time

Reflection on Psalm 55* Regularity, setting specific time apart for prayer—and keeping to them in a disciplined way—is something the Bible encourages. We all find the story of Daniel’s practice in prayer moving to read (Daniel 6:10). How, in spite of the king’s foolish, self-glorifying edict, he went to his upper room, with its windows towards Jerusalem, […]

June 3 2018: Focus on God First

A Reflection on Psalm 49 Psalm 49 can be called a wisdom psalm, offering instruction to man rather than worship to God (vv. 1-4). Its theme of the futility of worldliness is summed up in the refrain (vv. 12 and 20): “Man in his pomp will not remain; he is like the beast that perish.”It also […]