At New Hope we want to help one another to grow in our love for Jesus and for people. We want to grow in our intimacy with Jesus through Bible readings and prayers. We want to people of God who embody long obedience in the same direction in our daily lives. We want to become more and more like Jesus and help one another to follow Jesus. We want to love one another deeply and invite more people to join us in following Jesus. We desire to cultivate more and more this culture of discipleship at New Hope.

As we enter a new ministry season this fall we are even more intentional about growing as disciples. We acknowledge that it is ultimately God who makes us grow. Our salvation in Christ and growth in Christ is all by God’s grace. But we also know that God’s work does not make our work unnecessary. We give water; we sow seeds and anticipate growth and bearing of fruit. 1 Timothy 4:7-8 admonishes us to “train yourself for godliness, for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” During this season of life and ministry at New Hope we want to very intentional about training ourselves for godliness through spiritual disciplines and by spurring one another in our Life Groups, Classes and One-on-One discipleship.

The primary vehicle through which we want to foster intentional spiritual growth is Life Groups. Our Life Groups have been a place where people connect with one another in small groups, studying the Bible, praying for one another and encouraging one another. During this season of Life Group ministry, we will be more intentional with our group life to go through spiritual disciplines using a curriculum called, Habits of Grace. It is our hope that Life Groups this season will help you to develop good habits that will help you to make progress in your spiritual walk and ultimately to enjoy Jesus and to live a life that glorifies God.

Alongside Life Group ministry, we have various classes to foster a life of discipleship. This fall, we offer five Classes: Faith 101, New Hope 101, Coffee Break, Going Deeper, and Life Group Leadership Training. Please check out class descriptions in this insert and sign up to classes that are fitting to your need and life stage. We also offer One-on-One mentorship where a younger member will be paired up with an older brother or sister who will disciple and mentor him/her.

I invite you to get connected to a Life Group, take a Class and/or join One-on-one mentorship initiatives and grow together this season as disciples of Jesus.

Pastor Charles Lee


Faith 101 (Baptism Class)

  • Class Description:Using New City Catechism’s 52 questions, this class will cover essential building blocks of Christian faith (God, human nature, sin, Jesus, salvation, Holy Spirit, church, baptism, etc). It will help you to know what we believe as a church and also to grow in your faith as we engage in discussions in a Q&A format. Please note that this is a part of a required process for people who would like to be baptized or confirmed or wish to have their infants baptized.
  • Target Audience: Everyone who would like to have more clarity and firmer grasp on Christian faith. And people who wish to be baptized, confirmed, or wish to have their infant baptized.
  • Instructors: Pastor Charles Lee and Daniel Choi
  • Time: Sept 17, 24, Oct 1, 8, 15, 22 (6 Sundays), 11:30am-12:55pm.
  • Location: EM Office (#210)

New Hope 101 (Membership Class)

  • Class Description:This Class will provide our new members to learn about the vision, core values and beliefs of New Hope Fellowship (NHF). Those of you who are already members are also invited to join this class, to (re)commit yourselves to be a faithful covenant member of NHF.
  • Target Audience: New and old attendees to New Hope who desire to become covenant members of NHF.
  • Instructors: Pastor Charles Lee and team of pastors and elders
  • Time: Oct 29, Nov 5, 12, 19, 26, Dec 10 (6 Sundays), 11:30am-12:55pm.
  • Location: EM Office (#210)

“Going Deeper” Women’s Discipleship

  • Class Description: This term we will use David Mathis’ Habits of Grace to go deeper into God’s Word and to enjoy Jesus more intimately through the practices of spiritual disciplines. We will learn together how to hear God’s voice through the reading and meditating of God’s Word. This class will help you to (re)shape your life with God’s truth and also to become spiritually fit and healthy.
  • Target Audience: Ladies who desires to grow as disciples through intentional spiritual disciplines
  • Instructor: Pastor Susan Suh
  • Time: Tuesday, Sept. 26~ 5 (11 Tuesdays), 10am ~12:30pm *Children’s program will be provided.
  • Location: #213

Coffee Break Bible Study (Exodus­ – Part 2)

  • Class Description: Coffee Break is an inductive Bible study that connects both believers and seekers to the Bible through a small group setting, creating a safe place where friends read and learn together what the Bible says and means with discussions using personalized questions based on the experience and needs of the group. This session, we will be exploring the book of Exodus. Come and join the study of Exodus as God makes His people into a nation unlike any other–not for the purpose of being different, but ultimately to show God’s love to the world.
  • Target Audience: Open to all ladies (limited to 8 people).
  • Instructor: Hannah Lee
  • Time: Tuesdays, 10am-12:30pm starting September 19th for 12 weeks. * Children’s program will be provided.
  • Location: Mustard Seeds Room – 3rd floor

Life Group Leadership Training

  • Class Description: This class will provide training for Life Group leaders to grow together as disciples who make disciples. Using Habits of Grace (for free download: http://www.desiringgod.org/books/habits-of-grace) as our resource this training will help the leaders to develop the habits of grace and to be a disciplined man and woman who is after God’s own heart.
  • Target Audience: Life Group leaders and apprentices * Children’s Program will be provided.
  • Instructor: Pastor Charles Lee
  • Time: First Friday evening of every month (Oct 6, Nov 3, Dec 1), 7-9pm.
  • Location: EM Office (#210)

Iron Sharpens Iron (One-on-One Mentorship)

  • Class Description:The vision of this ministry is to sharpen one another into the image of Christ through intentional mentorship. Iron Sharpens Iron aims to accomplish this through same gender 1-on-1, 1-on-2, 1-on-3, or couple-to-couple discipleship. If you are interested in mentoring someone, being mentored by someone, or both, you are more than welcome to join this ministry regardless of how much or little experience you have in intentional discipleship!
  • Target Audience: Anyone who has a desire to further grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • Facilitator: Daniel Choi (choi@newhopefellowship.ca)
  • Time: First meeting for those who are interested in discipling someone will take place on Saturday, September 23rd (9-11am)
  • Location: EM Office (#210)


LIFE GROUP 2017~2018

  • Description:While Life Groups are places where people can come together and enjoy each other’s company, share life together and connect with one another in a meaningful way, this season we want to be more intentional with pursuit of God through spiritual disciplines together and also pursuit of God’s mission through missional outlets. That is, there will be two main focuses during this season of Life Group: developing habits that will foster spiritual growth and participating in missions together. We will be using David Mathis’ Habits of Grace as a resource to learn and practice three main disciplines of—1) hearing God’s voice (Word), 2) having God’s ear (Prayer) and 3) belonging to His Body (Fellowship). We have chosen this particular book, because it provides good theological foundation as well as good practical guidelines for us to develop habits that will foster transformation towards Christlikeness. For those of you who are signing up to join a Life Group, we ask you to make a commitment to go through this exercise of cultivating good habits this season. You will be expected to do a reading from the book and also use a workbook weekly (30-60 minutes) to help you to reflect and practice on your own before Life Group meetings. Along with the intentional training through Habits of Grace, our Life Groups will choose a missional outlet through which the groups will participate in a local or global missions. We are focusing on those two things this season (spiritual discipline and missional outlet), because we believe that God has been leading us to be a church community that equips God’s people for the work of ministry and church that participates in the mission of God. In one sense we are shifting gears this season; in other sense we are simply trying to keep up with God’s Spirit and follow God’s leading and guiding of our church community to become a discipling and missional community. Please join a Life Group with expectation that God will change you and the members of this church family. We anticipate with excitement that it will be great season of growth and transformation.
  • Target Audience: Members of New Hope Fellowship who have the desire and commitment to grow as followers of Jesus and participate in the mission of God with fellow brothers and sisters.
  • Duration: Starting October, Life Groups will meet bi-weekly for eight months until the end of May.
  • Locations: Various locations in GTA. You will be in a group that meets close to your home.