Fall Discipleship Classes

At New Hope we are blessed to have various means to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. The primary vehicle through which we aim to foster intentional spiritual growth is Life Groups, which runs from October to May. Alongside Life Group ministry, we have various classes and gatherings that are shorter in duration (6 to 8 meetings), and focus on specific topics or life stages.

This fall we are very excited to have three new initiatives that have special focus on young adults (Adulting), nearly (or not-yet) married (Marriage Prepare & Enrich) and parents (Parenting). Team San Juan will lead a group of young adults to wrestle through the challenges of the unique and exciting season of young adult lives. Elaine who is trained as a counselor will help engaged couples to prepare for their marriage and help married couples to enrich their marriage through the carefully crafted Prepare & Enrich program. Parenting class will provide a space for parents to come together and be reminded of God’s plan and purpose for us as parents. 

We offer two foundational classes this term: New Hope 101 and Faith 101. For those of you who would like to become a member of New Hope Fellowship, we invite you to take New Hope 101. For those of you who want to be baptized or have your infants baptized, please take Faith 101.

We also offer two Bible studies: Coffee Break that will study the book of Joshua and Friday Bible Study on Song of Songs. For those of you who want to do an in-depth study of the Bible and connect with fellow members in a small group context, we invite you to take advantage of these two classes.

Marriage Mentoring led by team Frandy invites a second cohort of newly married couples to build a strong foundation in their early years of marriage. We will also continue with Iron sharpens Iron (one-on-one mentorship) where a younger member will be paired up with an older brother or sister who will disciple and mentor him/her. 

I invite you to take a class and/or join counseling/mentorship initiatives and grow together this season as disciples of Jesus.

Pastor Charles Lee

Sign-up in person or online at: https://goo.gl/forms/mIWA5XermngsAWXJ3—————————————————————————

New Hope 101

Description: This class will provide those interested in becoming members an opportunity to learn about the vision, and core values of New Hope Fellowship. Those of you who are already members are also invited to join this class, to re-commit yourselves to be a faithful covenant member.
Audience: New and old attendees of New Hope who desire to become covenant members of NHF.
Instructor: Pastor Charles Baik
Time: Sept 16 – Oct 21 (5 Sundays, break for Oct 7), 11:45AM – 1PM
Location: EM Office (room #310)

Faith 101

Description: Using New City Catechism’s 52 questions, this class will cover important building blocks of Christian faith (God, human nature, sin, Jesus, salvation, Holy Spirit, church, baptism, etc). It will help us to know with clarity what we believe and what we don’t believe as a church. Please note that this is a part of a required process for people who would like to be baptized, or confirmed, or wish to have their infant baptized.
Audience: Anyone who would like to have more clarity and a firmer grasp on Christian faith, and those who wish to be baptized, confirmed, or to have their infant baptized.
Instructor: Pastor Charles Baik
Time: Nov 4 – Dec 9 (6 Sundays), 11:45AM – 1PM
Location: EM Office (room #310)

Coffee Break Bible Study (Joshua-Part 2)

Description:  Coffee Break is an inductive Bible study that connects both believers and seekers to the Bible through a small group setting, creating a safe place where friends read and learn together what the Bible says and means with personalized discussion questions based on the experiences and needs of the group. This study focuses on Israel’s efforts to claim the promises of God as they possess and settle in the land. As we follow the Israelites’ conquest of the land of Canaan, we will learn something about them and, in the process, something very important about ourselves.
  *Children’s program will be provided for youngsters 1 and up
Audience: Open to all ladies (part 1 not required)
Facilitator: Hannah Lee
Time: 10AM – 12:30PM, Tuesdays starting Sept 18, or Thursdays starting Sept 20, for 7 weeks
Location: 3rd floor Nursery Room

Bible Study: Song of Songs

Description: Song of Songs is considered to be the best of all love songs. It is, however, not an easy song to understand. A Jewish rabbi likened the Song to “a lock for which the key had been lost.” An Old Testament scholar writes, “The Song is the most obscure book of the Old Testament.” This class will provide a guide to uncoil its complexities, solve its riddles and find that lost key to unlock its door. In so doing we will come to appreciate the richness of biblical poetry, depth of God’s love for his people, beauty and sacredness of human love, and more.
Audience: Anyone who wants to study the Bible in depth
Instructor: Pastor Charles Lee
Time: Eight Fridays (Oct 5, 12, 19; Nov 2, 9, 23; Dec 7, 14) 7 – 9PM
Location: Room #308

Marriage Prepare & Enrich

Description: Utilizing the Prepare & Enrich program, the couple will work personally with the facilitator covering 10 core areas: conflict resolution, idealistic distortion, communication, partner style and habits, financial management, leisure, sexuality, family and friends, relationship roles, and spiritual beliefs. This process aims to lay a strong foundation for marriage that is grounded in Christ and to help the couple to understand each other better. Whether planning to get married, or already married, it’s never too late to build a strong foundation.
Audience: Couples planning to get married or recently married
Facilitator: Elaine Park
Time: 6-10 regular meetings, flexible, dependent on couple’s availability
Location: Church, or alternative location possible, TBD with couple

Marriage Mentoring

Description: This monthly gathering is designed for newly married couples, pre-kids! We hope to bring couples into community and equip them with foundations for a healthy marriage through facilitating focused conversation and informal group mentoring.  Topics will include: perspectives on money, family histories and in-law relationships, nurturing physical and emotional intimacy and more! Each meeting will start with dinner where we encourage couples to prepare and share their favorite meal on rotation, and transition to discussion time, ending with prayer. 
Audience: Couples recently married & without kids
Hosts and facilitators: Deacon Randy & Frances (a.k.a. Frandy) Kim
Time: Sundays evenings, Sept 23, Oct 28, Nov 25, Jan 20, Feb 24, Mar 24
Location: Frandy’s Home


Description: Find yourself graduated from university and wondering why your career never took off, why you haven’t found your better half, or what God’s will is for your life? Together, through this intentional discipleship community, we want to wrestle through these challenges that we face in this unique season of our lives. Using Jonathan Pokluda’s Adulting video series (topics include: God’s will, career, singleness, dating, commitment, and faith), we hope to explore what it means to live with a Christ-centered perspective and a passion for the Kingdom. 
Audience: Young adults, recent graduates, early 30s and younger
Facilitator: Francis & Michelle San Juan
Time: Every other Friday, from Oct 12 – Dec 28
Location: Francis & Michelle’s place in Etobicoke (details TBD)


Description: In the midst of folding laundry, coordinating carpool schedules, and breaking up fights, many parents get lost. Feeling pressure to do everything “right” and raise up “good” children, it is easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose as parents. This study group will use Paul Tripp’s Parenting book as a guide to have a gospel-centered big-picture view of God’s plan for us as parents.
Audience: Parents, especially of teens and pre-teens (limited to 10 people)
Facilitator: Pastor Charles Lee
Time: Sundays (Sept 30; Oct 14, 28; Nov 11, 25; Dec 9), 12 – 1PM
Location: Room #211

Iron Sharpens Iron (One-on-One Mentorship)

Description: The vision of this ministry is to sharpen one another into the image of Christ through intentional mentorship. Iron Sharpens Iron aims to accomplish this through same gender 1-on-1(to 3) discipleship. If you are interested in mentoring someone, being mentored by someone, or both, you are more than welcome to join this ministry regardless of how much, or little, experience you have in intentional discipleship!
Audience: Anyone who has a desire to further grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. 
Coordinator: Pastor Charles Baik
Time & Location: Various times and locations chosen by discipler & disciple. First meeting for those interested will be Sunday, Sept 23rd, 11 11:30AM in the EM Office (room #310)