Feb 9: Local Missions Vision

Our new vision statement for the Local Missions ministry at NHF Mississauga is:

To glorify God by persuading, mobilizing, and equipping members into missional living by spreading the gospel in word & deed in daily life, Malton, and the marginalized.

To help break the vision statement down, I want to highlight 3 key components:

  1. Persuading, mobilizing, and equipping members: This ministry aims to help remind us of why we seek to evangelize the lost and make disciples of Christ. It also aims to provide communal outlets and opportunities for us to be missional together. Lastly, it aims to help train us to know how to reach out to the lost.
  2. Missional living: We desire that all our members live intentionally in mission where they live, work, and play. We seek not to merely have people attend more mission trips but rather for missions to become a lifestyle.
  3. Spreading the gospel in daily life, Malton, and the marginalized: There are people who we interact with on a regular basis who do not yet know the hope that can be found in Jesus Christ. There are also plenty of others in our Malton community who have yet to be introduced to the good news of salvation. Lastly, as Christ showed compassion to the marginalized we wish to do the same, to extend His mercy in the hope that more people would witness the love of Jesus and His saving grace. These are the three people groups in whom we believe we are called to intentionally reach out to, within the context of day-to-day missional living.

How do we plan to fulfill the vision?

Everything we do must be saturated in prayer.  This is a work that cannot be accomplished without the LORD’s doing. With prayer being the ongoing and underlying work of the entire process, we also have four major objectives we hope to implement:

  1. Train, mobilize, and encourage members into missional living.
  2. Have members go and share the gospel in word and deed to those in their lives and invite these people to join us at church on Sundays.
  3. Building a communal effort to welcome the newcomers who have been invited when they visit our church by loving them well while communicating and embodying the hope of redemption from sin found in Christ.
  4. Getting these newcomers plugged in to our church community.

There are many more smaller goals that must be accomplished to fulfill the above four objectives in which the Local Missions ministry will be working on in the meantime.  Please pray that our church will grow in becoming a place where we’re not only seeing existing Christians being spiritually developed but also where non-Christians are being born again, to the glory of God.

This week’s bible reading schedule:

Sun: Genesis 42, Mark 12 Thu: Genesis 46, Mark 16
Mon: Genesis 43, Mark 13 Fri: Genesis 47, Luke 1:1-38
Tue: Genesis 44, Mark 14 Sat: Genesis 48, Luke 1:39-80
Wed: Genesis 45, Mark 15 Sun: Genesis 49, Luke 2