At New Hope Fellowship we want to help one another to grow in our love for Jesus. We want to grow in our knowledge of Jesus through our Bible readings. We want to be obedient to Jesus by being doers of His Word and not just hearers. We want to become more and more like Jesus and help one another to follow Jesus. We want to love one another deeply and invite more people to join us in following Jesus. We desire to cultivate more and more this culture of discipleship at New Hope.

This summer we offer six different opportunities for you to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ. College Bible Study is designed especially for College students and young adults who would like to go deeper into the Word of God and connect with fellow brothers and sisters in the same life stage. We also have Bible Reading For Life for all members of New Hope who would like to grow in their conviction about the Bible as the Word of God and skills for reading and applying the Word of God. Gospel 101 is recommended for all who would like to be experience Christian faith in a fresh way. The response to Gospel 101 has been so positive from our first cohort this winter and you don’t want to miss it if you have not experienced it! This summer we also provide a special joint membership class (New Hope 101) led by Pastor Jason and the three campus lead pastors. You will get to hear stories of New Hope and our vision for the future and core values as a church. I recommend this class for both new comers who would like to be a member of New Hope Fellowship as well as for existing members who would like to be up-to-date with the renewed focus and vision of our church community. Our Saturday morning prayer over the summer will use a book, Passion Cry to be the guide for our discussion and prayer. Lastly please check out 1-on-1 Discipleship opportunities to grow together as disciples who make disciples. A younger member will be paired up with an older brother or sister who will disciple and mentor him/her. As we are trying to cultivate inter-generational discipling culture here at New Hope, this 1-on-1 Discipleship will be one of the key catalyst for the movement in our church.

I hope and pray that we will experience the renewal of our hearts and our minds over the summer, as we abide in Christ and His Word together with fellow brothers and sisters at New Hope.

May this summer be a season of continual growth as disciples of Jesus Christ!

Pastor Charles Lee


College Bible Study

  • Description: This class is designed to equip you to be better readers of the Bible as well as to build relationship with one another amongst young adults and college students. The three gatherings aims to probe the healthy motive of reading the Bible (Session 1: why do we read the Bible?), the proper posture of reading the Bible (Session 2: how should we read the Bible? Part 1), the right method of reading the Bible (Session 3: how should we read the Bible? Part 2). This class will have both teaching component and small group discussions.
  • Target Audience: All College-aged members of New Hope
  • Facilitator: Pastor Charles Baik
  • Time: June 16, 23, 30 (3 Fridays), 7-9pm
  • Location: EM Office (#210)

Reading Bible For Life

  • Description: Consider this class to be like helping you to build a spiritual house that is grounded in the solid truth of the Word of God, and to bless you to enjoy living in it. In four sessions we will help you to establish a solid foundation (Session 1: How we know that the Bible is the Word of God), strong framework (Session 2: How to interpret the Bible properly), & orderly decoration (Session 3: How to read the Bible for transformation). The last session will help you to enjoy living in the beautified house (Session 4: How to read the Bible for life with joy). This class will have both teaching component and small group discussions.
  • Target Audience: All members of New Hope who would like to grow deeper in their conviction about the Bible being the Word of God and in their skills to read, apply and enjoy the Word of God for life.
  • Instructors: Jason Yuh, Pastor Charles Lee, Daniel Choi, Pastor Charles Baik
  • Time: July 7, 14, 21, 28 (4 Fridays), 7-9pm
  • Location: EM Office (#210)

Gospel 101

  • Description: Using Tim Keller’s book, Prodigal God this class will help you to discover the amazing depths of God’s extravagant love. In six sessions, we will see that the gospel is neither religion nor irreligion, but something else entirely. Whether you are a devout believer or a skeptic, this class will challenge you to see Christianity in a whole new way.
  • Target Audience: Christians, non-Christians, seekers and skeptics who want to go after the heart of Christian faith and life. (Space is limited)
  • Facilitators: Pastor Charles Lee and Daniel Choi
  • Time: July 9~Aug 6 (5 Sundays) 11:30am ­– 12:45pm, plus Aug 12 (Saturday) 10am – 1pm (with lunch celebration)
  • Location: EM Office (#210)

New Hope 101 (Membership Class)

  • Description: This Class will provide our new members to learn about the vision, core values and beliefs of New Hope Fellowship (NHF). Those of you who are already members are also invited to join this class, to (re)commit yourselves to be a faithful covenant member of NHF.
  • Target Audience: New and old attendees to New Hope who desire to become covenant members of NHF.
  • Instructors: Pastors Jason Noh, Will Han, Eddy Lee, Charles Lee
  • Time: July 22, 29 (Saturday) 9am~1pm (Lunch provided)
  • Location: EM Office (#210)

Book Discussion and Prayer: Passion Cry

  • Description: We desire to be passionate followers of Jesus, not half-hearted, lukewarm, apathetic Christians. We want to be people of God who are contagious with the passion of Christ whose lives will make an impact in the world for the glory of God. Each week we will read through a chapter from Robbie Symons’s book, Passion Cry individually and when we gather together we will have time of discussion and prayer. The aim of the 10 week time together is to understand the treasure of the gospel and apply the resulting life-changing truth together. Our hope is that through the book reading, discussion and prayer over the summer the Lord will ignite a fire in us that produces undeniable fruit from our lives.
  • Target Audience: Every member of New Hope who wants to be done away with apathetic life and live a passionate life for Christ.
  • Facilitator: Pastoral Team
  • Time: June 10~Aug 12 (10 Saturday mornings), 8-9am
  • Location: New Hope Chapel

1-on-1 Discipleship

  • Description: Using Multiply as a curriculum to grow as disciples,1-on-1 Discipleship will provide an intimate context for building mentoring/ discipling relationship between two brothers or sisters within 10-12 week commitment. The program is designed to help encourage and equip our members to grow as disciples who make disciples.
  • Target Audience: Open to all who want to grow as a disciple of Christ
  • Coordinator: Daniel Choi
  • Time & Location: Once a week from June to August (time and location to be decided by discipler and disciplee).