New Summer Patio

This summer we will be opening the Summer Patio on Friday evenings for a time of prayer, the Word, and fellowship. So, come to experience God together! Each week we will engage in a topic that matters in our daily lives with the wisdom that comes from the Word of God. Learn more about how the Word of God speaks into the struggles you face in this world! We are creating this time and space for people of all ages and life stages to gather in the name of Jesus. So, come to connect with one another!

Summer Patio will take place on Fridays in room #308. Doors open at 6:30PM for food and drinks. If you have any questions about the Summer Patio, please send them to Pastor Charles Lee at

Upcoming Summer Patio Schedule:

6/15 Charles Lee
How do I love my gay friends/colleagues (without compromising my conviction)?
6/22 Charles Lee
How do I be set free from depression, lust, or anger?
6/29 Charles Baik How do I worship when I am so busy?
7/6 Charles Baik How do I worship amidst of suffering?
7/13 Jason Noh How do I discern the voice of God?
7/20 Elaine Park How do I serve without burnout?
7/27 Jason Noh To be determined