Winter 2018 Discipleship Classes

As we enter a new year this winter, we continue our pursuit of growing together as disciples of Jesus Christ. During this season of life and ministry at New Hope we want to be very intentional about training ourselves for godliness through spiritual disciplines and by spurring one another in our Life Groups, Classes, Mentoring Groups, Friday Night Live (FNL), and other formal and informal discipleship opportunities.

The primary vehicle through which we want to foster intentional spiritual growth is Life Groups. During this season of Life Group ministry, we have been more intentional with our group life to go through spiritual disciplines using a curriculum called, Habits of Grace. It is our hope that Life Groups this season will help you to develop good habits that will help you to make progress in your spiritual walk and ultimately to enjoy Jesus and to live a life that glorifies God. Along with the intentional training through Habits of Grace, our Life Groups will choose a missional outlet through which the groups will participate in a local or global missions. We are focusing on those two things this season (spiritual discipline and missional outlet), because we believe that God has been leading us to be a church community that equips God’s people for the work of ministry and church that participates in the mission of God.

Alongside Life Group ministry, we have various classes and mentoring initiatives to foster a life of discipleship. This winter, we offer following Classes: Gospel 101, Faith 101, Discipleship 101, Coffee Break, Premarital, Life Group Leaders Training. We also offer two mentoring opportunities: Iron-Sharpens-Iron (one-on-one mentorship) and Marriage Mentoring. Two new initiatives this term I would like to highlight are: Discipleship 101 and Marriage Mentoring. For those of you who are not part of a Life Group this season, I encourage you to join Discipleship 101 with Pastor Charles Baik. For those of you who have recently married and would like to have a safe environment to share and grow together with other young couples under the mentorship of older couples, please join Marriage Mentoring with Deacon Randy and Fran.

Another discipleship opportunity includes Friday Night Live (FNL) that is based on a careful reflection upon God’s Word. From God’s Word, we devote ourselves to prayer and fellowship.

I invite you to get connected to a Life Group, take a Class, be part of a mentoring group, and/or join Friday Night Live (FNL) and grow together this season as disciples of Jesus!

Pastor Charles Lee

For details and to sign up for a discipleship classes please follow this link or click the image below