Message from the Pastor

Welcome and thank you for visiting New Hope Fellowship’s Website!

Our Vision is “Living Beyond Ourselves” in God, with Community, for All Peoples

(which you can read more about here).

Just as each individual or family has their own narrative, each spiritual community has a unique story of its’ spiritual journey.  God uses our past and our present to shape in us a future that will bring Him praise and glory.

The journey of New Hope Fellowship began as the English Ministry of Light Presbyterian Church for 2nd generation Korean Canadians.  Although the 1st generation congregation experienced exponential growth and fruit through discipleship programs, evangelism ministries, and oversea missions, NHF struggled through various leadership transitions, absence of pastoral leadership, and unclear vision during that time.  However, it was through this challenging stage that God solidified His people in terms of their commitment to the Lord, to His Body, and to the call to make disciples of all nations.

In God’s timing, a new pastoral leadership was established, which allowed NHF to begin moving forward in pursuing God’s direction and call for His church. It was because of His faithfulness that NHF began to grow and bear fruit for His kingdom and glory.

During the last eight years, through authentic fellowship within the congregation, passionate worship and a heart to reach out to others, God has expanded the church from one campus to two; from two services to three; from one pastoral staff to a pastoral team of nine.  Today, we celebrate the fact that both our Mississauga and downtown campuses are becoming increasingly multiethnic and multigenerational, and we pray that we may continually serve our city and the world alongside the many other churches in God’s Kingdom.

From its inception, New Hope Fellowship was built upon the vision of becoming a community that is united together through God’s love, where authentic and life giving relationships are experienced, and where the children of God live and serve as His hands and feet in this world.

Hence, it is time for us, as NHF, to begin preparing ourselves for this next stage of our spiritual journey. God is bringing us into a new season; a season of change; a season of growth, a season of maturity.

May God continually receive full glory and honor as we build the community of NHF upon His Truth and His Call.

Jason Noh, Lead Pastor, New Hope Fellowship