Values and Culture

By the grace of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we recognize that we are called to be part of a spiritual family and team. In order to continually foster an environment where we thrive as one team to lead others, we commit ourselves to these qualities and values. This covenant is not to enforce a legalistic approach or attitude in our community, but it is for the sake of mutual accountability in pursuing growth and giving all glory to God.


Loving God first

Before we serve or lead others, we commit ourselves in spending time with God and listening to Him each day.

Loving our Community

The purpose of our ministry is not merely pursuing our own visions and goals. Our joy is in simply loving the people of God and seeing them grow and pursue intimacy in God.



Just as Christ came not to be served but to serve, we believe our leadership comes through serving. As God calls us to higher responsibilities, we are called to serve in humility.


Our commitment is to love and protect each team member first. There is no room for competition, blaming, or putting down but to build up one another to become the best each person can be in God.

Sharing and Caring

We are not called simply to fulfill our roles or functions; we recognize that we are called to build authentic transparent relationship by sharing our joys, hurts, and fears in order to journey together.



As we prioritize our relationship with God and others, our commitment is naturally giving our best and excelling in every area we are called through the power of the Holy Spirit.


As we love one another, we do not try to take control through position or question each other’s intentions, but to empower one another to grow and succeed in God-given responsibilities and provide edifying feedback afterwards

Ethos (Values)

As members step up to serve in various ministries, we communicate and hold each other accountable in living out the values as a team

Our Leadership Structure

Pastoral Team

Provides spiritual direction and shepherding through the ministry of Word and Sacraments

Board of Directors

Discerns overall direction of church in conjunction with pastoral team

Leadership Team

The champions of the New Hope pillars; those that shepherd the ministry team leaders and guide the overall direction of each pillar

Ministry Team

The leaders of the various ministries within each New Hope pillar; the ones that mobilize and shepherd the congregation at large to actively serve in church ministries