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Life and Death

Life and Death* Proverbs provides for us the two great spheres that together comprehend all of our individual lives: the great sphere of life and the great sphere of death. To use the language of Proverbs, each one of us is either on the way of life or on the way of death. We may try […]

NHF Uptown Campus Summer Retreat

Encounter: Experiencing the Presence of God 2018 NHF Uptown Campus Summer Retreat Last fall, we launched our second season of Impact Groups, setting out to declare the Gospel in our daily lives for the joy of all people. In the past 8 months, we strived to experience the power of the Gospel tangibly in all aspects […]

Proverbs on Family and Parenting

Proverbs on Family and Parenting* Proverbs teaches us how to live wisely. The wise and godly life, according to Proverbs, pay particular heed to the family. It is, after all, cast largely as a father teaching his son (cf. 31:1-2). Proverbs has plenty to say about parent/child relationship. 1. The parent/child relationship (as in the […]

Proverbs as Puzzle

Proverbs as Puzzle* Goethe once said of languages that “whoever know only one, knows none,” and that is likely true, but it is even more true of proverbs. If one proverb says, “The morally good always have a good life,” and later one says, “Sometimes the morally good suffer,” we modern readers think we’ve found […]