Update on Church’s Response to COVID-19 Outbreak
Date: March 14, 2020

Dear New Hope Fellowship (NHF) Members and Friends,

After much prayer and discussion, the Session met this morning to determine our response to the COVID-19 virus and the impact it is having in our community and the world.

We know that many institutions including schools, some businesses, and churches, have made decisions to temporarily close facilities from large gatherings as a way to practice caution during these uncertain times. We also know that we need to exercise caution and be responsible in the ways we believe are in the best interest for all our members and friends who consider NHF as an important part of their lives.

To that effect, NHF Session has decided that we will not have our regular in-person Sunday corporate worship, but only live-streamed worship service at 9:30AM, effective immediately, starting Sunday, March 15th, 2020. We are not cancelling our worship; we will continue to have Sunday corporate worship, but meet online until at least April 5th, 2020 (or until further notice). Please join us for worship service online at our church’s YouTube channel: LPC LIVE (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe5baq_bVJrXTIhyjXw5HtA)

We will continue to keep communicating with you with any additional updates to keep you informed as it relates with our Sunday worship services.  Please also check our website for further updates. In addition, we encourage you to continue to check with official government agencies and be aware of the current situation as it may affect your daily living. We have included some links below in case you are not aware where to turn to.

For those who would like to continue with weekly offering and tithes, you can give online on our website under the ‘Give’ tab.

And, lastly, please continue to follow the guidelines that are recommended by health agencies and other organizations to ensure that you remain healthy and free of this virus.

On behalf of NHF session, thank you for your understanding and your prayers.


Pastor Jason Noh
Senior Pastor
Light Presbyterian Church and New Hope Fellowship